BAMML Inc (‘BAMML’) is a Business Analyst firm with much focus on finance (Accounting, Tax, Auditing) and human resources. Our aim is to provide support that will ensure proper accountability and planning of company resources and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

We analyse your business performance  focusing /using our accounting background and our Human resource expertise

With retail and relevant businesses, on monthly basis we analyse your products on shelf and give feed back with suggestions based on the analyses performed.

For projects, we monitor your expenditure per project vs budgeted costs. On our monthly management accounts we report per project.

We plan and manage your VAT and Taxes on Monthly basis in order to manage the company cash flow


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With the above, your normal accounting needs and taxes I,e Normal Taxes, vat and  PAYE's, are being taken care of monthly by BAMML.

We advise on business Taxes that are appropriate for your business, analyzing your current position

We assist with budgeting in order to plan for your resources

It is our vision and passion as a corporate to provide quality services for our clients and internal customers, while also growing future managers and leaders who will confidently, participate in all spheres of the business economy. We work close with our clients to achieve their goals and freeing them to focus on their immediate customers and operation.

We do that through consultation or outsourcing of your Finance, Payroll and Human resources services to BAMML. We give companies freedom to focus on operation while knowing their back office is being attended to.

We provide qualified professionals with experience on the field. That brings a break to expensive specialists on the market yet you receive such services at an affordable rate with BAMML

We also help youth with non-experience with our motto, that we teach them on the job under supervised environment, allow them to serve others and thereby grow on being what they desire to be

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